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Read the Community Pool Project FAQ - Updated January 14, 2022

Design Development Package

On May 2, 2022, the City Council will consider approving the Community Pool Project Design Development package and move forward into construction drawings.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission will consider the design review permit for the Piedmont Community Pool Project.

All Electric Facility

At its meeting on April 4, 2022, the City Council directed that the Piedmont Community Pool be designed as an all electric facility.

City Council Authorizes Move from Conceptual Design to Schematic Design

At its meeting on March 21, 2022, the City Council authorized the move from the Conceptual Design for the Piedmont Community Pool to the Schematic design. Construction cost hyperinflation will necessitate significant modifications to the previously approved Conceptual Design for the Piedmont Community Pool building. In making this authorization, the Council also accepted the recommendation that an accelerated timeline be used to get the Community Pool Project to bid in an effort to mitigate some of the cost inflation.

Community Pool Advisory Committee

The City Council established the Pool Advisory Committee in March of 2021 to  offer advice throughout the design process and to serve as a conduit for the community’s voice in the design refinement and construction of the Piedmont Community Pool. 

Visit the Committee's web page for more information and to view materials presented at PAC meetings.

Bond Oversight Committee

The City Council established the Bond Oversight Committee in October 2021, to focus on reviewing and reporting on the expenditure of the proceeds of the bonds, as required by Measure UU. 

Visit the Committee's web page for more information.

Community Workshop Series

In a series of three community workshops, project architect ELS Architecture and Urban Design working along side city staff, have facilitated a community discussion which has led to the recommendation of a final concept for the design of the Piedmont Community Pool.

Pool Project History

The Piedmont Community Pool has been a matter of discussion for many years, Here are some of the documents related to the analysis of the pool.


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Frequently Asked Questions about the Measure UU, which authorized the sale of bonds to rebuild the Piedmont Community Pool.