Fence building permit

If you want to build a fence taller than 6 feet, you need a building permit. Before you can get a building permit for a fence, you need design review approval first.

This permit type should be used for limited scope projects that only include fences and fences in combination with retaining walls. If the scope of the project includes other site features, landscaping or other retaining walls, use the Site Improvements permit type.

Before you can get a building permit for a fence, you need design review approval first.

You need a building permit if you want to build a fence that’s:

  • Taller than 6 feet, including any retaining wall
  • Located in a front set back

If there is a retaining wall it needs to be less than 30 inches in height. The height measurement should be taken at the lowest grade within 2 feet of the fence and would include any fence in combination with retaining walls in that area.

Requirements and attachments

When you apply online, you can upload documents with your application. Make sure to upload all of the required documents. If your application is not complete, this will extend the time it takes to issue your permit.

  • Title page with project address, contacts, scope, date and blank area for reviewer notes (Example: 11x17 | Example: 24x36)
  • Overall site plan to show location of work
  • Existing and proposed floor plans
  • Existing and proposed elevations
  • Sections, details, notes required to describe the scope of work
  • Structural drawings and calculations, if the project includes:
    • Retaining walls over 30”
    • Overhead trellis
    • Pergolas or other items that require framing details
  • Contractor or Owner-Builder Declarations (required for all projects)
  • Projects over $50k require Construction & Demolition Debris Recycling Statement (DRS)

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