Community Pool Construction Updates

The new pool is scheduled to open in Spring 2025..

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Project Funding

Primary funding for the new pool comes from Measure UU bond funds, approved by voters in November 2020.

Bond funding is supplemented by funding from several additional sources, including generous community donations secured through the fundraising efforts of the Piedmont Recreational Facilities Organization (PRFO) and Piedmont Beautification Foundation (PBF).

Pool construction camera

Watch the new pool being built! This page is updated every 15 minutes between 6am and 6pm with a photo of the latest site activity from our construction camera.

Construction Impacts

Demolition of existing buildings at the pool site began in late February 2023.

  • Demolition will last six or seven weeks

  • There will be significant noise impacts in the Civic Center during this time

Parking, traffic, and access impacts

Starting May 8, 2023:

  • Car through-traffic on Magnolia will be reduced to one travel lane. The school pick-up and drop-off area will remain open.

Starting January 27, 2023:

  • All parking on Bonita Avenue between Magnolia and Vista Avenues will be removed.

  • Parking on Magnolia Avenue in front of the pool site will be removed.

  • Portions of the sidewalk will be closed on Bonita Avenue between Magnolia and Vista Avenues. Bonita Avenue will continue to support one lane of traffic.

  • The Recreation Department basketball courts will be closed.

  • There will be no access to the tennis courts from Bonita Avenue. Access the tennis courts through the gate at Vista Avenue.

Construction hours

Construction will take place between 7am and 4pm.

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Contact Information

With questions, contact:

George Sanen, Griffin Structures Construction Manager
(415) 858-8582

New Community Pool Video Tour

Project History and Related Documents

Community Pool Advisory Committee

The City Council established the Pool Advisory Committee in March of 2021 to  offer advice throughout the design process and to serve as a conduit for the community’s voice in the design refinement and construction of the Piedmont Community Pool. 

Visit the Committee's web page for more information and to view materials presented at PAC meetings.

Bond Oversight Committee

The City Council established the Bond Oversight Committee in October 2021, to focus on reviewing and reporting on the expenditure of the proceeds of the bonds, as required by Measure UU. 

Visit the Committee's web page for more information.

Community Workshop Series

In a series of three community workshops, project architect ELS Architecture and Urban Design working along side city staff, have facilitated a community discussion which has led to the recommendation of a final concept for the design of the Piedmont Community Pool.

Pool Project History

The Piedmont Community Pool has been a matter of discussion for many years, Here are some of the documents related to the analysis of the pool.


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Frequently Asked Questions about the Measure UU, which authorized the sale of bonds to rebuild the Piedmont Community Pool.