Short-term rentals are governed by the regulations provided in section 17.40.030 in the Piedmont City Code. Short-term rental means the use of a dwelling unit, or portion of it, for a rental of less than 30 consecutive days. The short-term rental must be located in a single-family dwelling unit that is the primary residence of the property owner or long-term tenant. It may not be located in an accessory dwelling unit (permitted or unintended) or multi-family dwelling. The short-term rental may be hosted or non-hosted.

As provided in City Code section 17.40.030, a short-term rental permit is required in order to rent all or part of a primary single-family dwelling for a period of less than 30 days. In order to receive a permit, a property owner or the owner’s approved tenant must complete and submit a Short-Term Rental application form (PDF) along with the applicable fee. A short-term rental permit is valid until December 31 of the year it is issued, unless suspended or revoked. The permittee may renew the permit annually by submitting a renewal application and fee before the expiration of the permit.