Cannabis Cultivation and Facilities

Piedmont City Code division 17.48 (PDF) governs commercial cannabis facilities and cannabis cultivation withing the city limits. Below are summaries of some of the regulations provided in division 17.48. 

It is recognized that it is a federal violation under the Controlled Substances Act to possess or distribute cannabis even if for medical purposes. Additionally, there is evidence of an increased incidence of crime-related secondary impacts in locations associated with a cannabis facility, which is contrary to policies that are intended to promote and maintain the public's health, safety, and welfare.

Prohibition on Commercial Cannabis Facilities

Commercial cannabis facilities are prohibited in all zones in the City. No person or entity may establish or operate a commercial cannabis facility within city limits. A property owner may not allow its property to be used by any person or entity as a commercial cannabis facility.

Cannabis Cultivation

All cannabis cultivation within city limits is prohibited except that a person may cultivate no more than six living cannabis plants inside a private residence, or inside an accessory structure to a private residence located upon the grounds of that private residence. Such cultivation shall only occur inside residences and accessory structures that are fully enclosed and secured against unauthorized entry. Additional regulations regarding cannabis cultivation in Piedmont are provided in City Code section 17.48.040.

Cannabis Deliveries

State-licensed commercial cannabis facilities located outside the City may personally deliver cannabis and cannabis products to individuals within the City, provided that such deliveries are in strict compliance with State Cannabis Laws and have complied with Municipal Code Chapter 10 regarding business licenses. Vehicles used in the delivery process must be unmarked without any designation or logo that identifies the vehicle as a cannabis delivery vehicle. Cannabis and cannabis product deliveries within the City may not occur between 9:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.