PFD Dept Photo 1912

The Piedmont Fire Department has been fully mechanized since its inception in 1907. At that time many urban fire department still relied on horse drawn fire engines. The decision of community leaders to invest in cutting edge technology in the order to ensure the highest level of service is a long standing value that still plays out at the Piedmont Fire Department. Reliable, high quality, purpose built and efficient apparatus serve as a force multiplier for the departments limited staffing

The Piedmont Fire Department staffs 3 pieces of equipment at all times. One type 1 Fire Engine, one type 2 Fire Truck and one type 2 Rescue Ambulance. In addition to these units the PFD maintains an extended fleet of vehicles which include a Chiefs command vehicle, a reserve type 1 Fire Engine, a reserve type 1 Rescue Ambulance, a type 6 (wild land) Fire Engine, and a utility pickup truck. The totality of the PFD fleet ensures that despite regular maintenance, repair work, and assistance provided during large incidents such as are regularly seen during the summer months, the City of Piedmont never experiences a lapse in service below the standard of one engine, one truck, and one ambulance.

Rescue Ambulance 2891 


2891 is a 2018 Leader type 2 ambulance. 2891 responds to over 700 emergency medical calls every year. The two firefighters assigned to 2890 are state licensed and county accredited paramedics and can perform complete cardiac care including resuscitation, defibrillation, monitoring and pharmacological care. 2891's paramedics also provide trauma care, injury stabilization and a wide array of diagnostic procedures. 2891 also assists in county wide mutual aid when significant events happen or unusually high call volume deplete resources. This same assistance is provided to Piedmont by our surrounding departments during our time of need.

Engine 2843  

PFD Engine 2843

2843 is a 2009 Pierce Arrow type 1 fire engine. It boasts a 1,500 gpm pump, 750 gallon water tank, a full compliment of EMS equipment and a staff of 3 firefighters. 2843's notable responses include multiple residential fires in Piedmont, the Valley Fire of 2015, the Sonoma county and Santa Barbara fires of 2017 and the Camp fire of 2018. 2843 Also responds as a primary response to medical calls in with in the city of Piedmont alongside the PFD ambulance.

Truck 2872 

PFD Truck 2872

2872 is a 2014 Suphan SL-75 type 2 fire truck. 2872 is equipped with a 75' aerial ladder, 115 feet of ground ladders, a 1500 gpm pump and a 500 gallon water tank. 2872 is also stocked with tools and equipment to perform vehicle extrication, technical rescue, and rope rescue. 2872 responds to all structure fires, vehicle accident, rescues and is responsible to handle medical calls when 2890 and 2843 are already assigned to emergency calls. There is a complete stock of EMS supplies and a licensed paramedic is assigned to 2872 at all times.

Chief Officer 2800


2800 is commonly referred to as the "Chief's Buggy" and is assigned to the Fire Chief for daily and emergency use. 2800 is equipped with multiple radio's for local, county and state communications, mobile computing capabilities, and organizational charts and tools for managing all types of incidents. 

Engine 2880 (type 6 wild land) 


2880 is one of the newest additions to the Piedmont Fire Department fleet of apparatus. Built on a 2016 Ford F550 frame, 2880 is a type 6 wild land engine. 2880 is able to respond in rough terrain be it unpaved forest lands, or the rubble of an urban disaster. The compliment of equipment on 2880 is light and nimble allowing for quick response and fast work. 2880 has been deployed across the state during fire season since going into service including assignments in Monterrey, Sonoma, Shasta and Solano counties.

Reserve, Retired, and Utility Apparatus

All Piedmont Fire Department apparatus are purchased and maintained according to a life expectancy matrix and replaced as scheduled. Trucks are replaced every 20 years, Engines every 10 years, Ambulances every 5 years and utility vehicles are replaced as needed. Often our retired apparatus are sold to small rural fire departments who don't have the same performance demand that Piedmont does and so the life remaining in the vehicles is appropriate for them.

2890 Reserve Ambulance

2890 Reserve Ambulance

2841 Reserve Engine

2891 Reserve Engine

2872 Retired Truck

2872 Retired Truck

2843 Retired Engine

2843 Retired Engine



2842 Retired