Survey: pickleball trial at Beach courts

Community survey on pickleball trial at Beach courts

Published June 12, 2023

The City of Piedmont invites residents to share how a trial of full-time pickleball play at Beach courts has affected their recreational activity choices by completing a brief online survey.

The five-month trial, which began on March 1st and runs through the end of July, is intended to help the City better understand the full scope of pickleball demand in Piedmont.

Survey supplements data already being collected

The City has received significant feedback on the pickleball trial via email, community petitions, and public comment at multiple Recreation Commission meetings. The City is also collecting data on court use, safety, and noise impacts.

This survey is intended to gather information not being collected through other channels, specifically focusing on how the trial has impacted individual tennis and pickleball play habits. It asks residents to share:

  • whether you used Beach courts before the trial
  • how your pickleball habits have changed as a result of the trial
  • for those who previously played tennis at Beach, how have your tennis habits changed

Respondents also have an opportunity to provide open-ended feedback on the trial, which will be shared with the Recreation Commission and the City Council.

The survey is available at and will remain open through July 2, 2023.

Recreation Commission subcommittee evaluating trial data

The City has budgeted for Beach courts, which have long been in poor condition, to be repaired and re-striped at the end of the trial period. Depending on the outcome of the trial, the City Council may choose to re-stripe the courts for tennis only, for pickleball only, or for shared use.

The Recreation Commission has created a subcommittee to help inform their final recommendation. After studying all available data and input received across all channels, the subcommittee will provide a report to the Commission assessing the trial according to three factors: safety, noise, and the best utilization of the courts. The Recreation Commission is expected to make recommendation to the City Council on the future of Beach courts at their July 19th, 2023 meeting.

Community members can send questions and comments to [email protected].