Bond Oversight Advisory Committee

The Bond Oversight Committee, required by Measure UU, was created by the City Council to focus on reviewing and reporting on the expenditure of the proceeds of the bonds, specifically:
  • Informing the public how the City is expending the bond proceeds
  • Review expenditure reports produced by the City to verify that bond proceeds were expended only for the purposes set forth in Measure UU.
  • Produce an annual report which includes the following information:
    • A statement indicating whether the bond proceeds used by the City have been expended only for the purposes set forth in Measure UU; and
    • A summary of the Committee's proceedings and activities for the preceding year.

The Bond Oversight Committee will meet twice per year and will terminate when the expenditure of the bond proceeds is complete. Click to read the resolution establishing the Bond Oversight Committee

Meeting Information & Agendas

View the current agenda (PDF). 


John Chiang
Margaret Hiller
Al Lee
Patricia Leicher (Chair)
Dirk tenGrotenhuis

Council Liaison: Tom Ramsey |[email protected] | (510) 420-3048
Staff Liaison: Mike Sczcech | [email protected] | (510) 420-3045

To contact the members of the committee, you may send electronic communications to the staff liaison noted above, who will distribute your comments to each of the committee members. You may also send your message via U.S. Mail to:

Piedmont Bond Oversight Committee
120 Vista Avenue
Piedmont, California 94611

Communications sent to the Bond Oversight Committee are a part of the public record.