Council Consideration of Draft Housing Element
Posted on 07/07/2022

The Draft Housing Element, a chapter of the General Plan, considers new housing programs, such as new land uses, housing types, and building types; modified heights and residential densities; code changes; subsidies; and incentives to meet the state-mandated target of accommodating 587 new housing units by 2031 and the City’s goal to affirmatively further fair housing in Piedmont. 

After a presentation by City staff and housing consultants, approximately 32 people addressed the Council. Speakers thanked the Council for taking on the important and challenging issue of housing affordability and offered their suggestions. The meeting video is available hereand the staff report is here. At the conclusion of the meeting, the City Council asked staff to bring the Draft Housing Element back at a future meeting. 

The City Council requested additional information and revisions to the Draft, including:

  • Consider time-efficient alternatives to a specific plan to determine the best development of City sites in Moraga Canyon, including Blair Park;

  • Revise the sites inventory to remove the Highland Avenue grassy strip, between Sierra and Sheridan Avenues, and the Corey Reich Tennis Center, and propose alternate sites for 34 lower-income and 5 moderate-income housing units;

  • Provide information on what the City is committed to doing by including City properties at 120 Vista and 801 Magnolia Avenues in the sites inventory;

  • Consider, if the City properties at 120 Vista and 801 Magnolia Avenues are removed from the sites inventory, the alternate sites for the 40 lower-income and 13 moderate-income housing units;

  • Provide draft findings, such as a high-level economic feasibility analysis, for a housing plan that includes City properties in the civic center; and

  • Revise program 1.J “Senate Bill 9” so that it is implemented earlier in the planning period, and expand the program to explore enhancing state law to generate additional housing units in Piedmont.

Over 550 written comments on the Draft Housing Element have been received from community members. Your ideas and suggestions are welcomed and encouraged. Public comment on the Draft Housing Element can be made via email to [email protected] or [email protected] Your comments will become part of the public record.

Click to view the staff report for the August 1, 2022 City Council meeting. 

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Click to review the Draft Housing Element. Please participate in the upcoming public hearing and provide your comments