Deck building permit

You need a deck permit if you are building a new deck or renovating an existing deck. This permit also applies to balconies, if it’s a stand-alone project and not part of a window or larger remodel project.

Deck projects typically require design review before you can get a building permit, except for minor repairs.

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Requirements and attachments

When you apply online, you can upload documents with your application. Make sure to upload all of the required documents. If your application is not complete, this will extend the time it takes to issue your permit.

Fire protection requirements

Your project needs to meet Piedmont’s fire protection requirements (page 8) if:

  • It’s a new deck
  • You are replacing 25% or more of the framing members of an existing deck or balcony

Learn about required documents for all permits.

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  • Piedmont Municipal Code for Decks: Chapter 8, Section 8.02.020 G (page 8)

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