Electrical building permit

You need an electrical building permit if you are doing electrical work, like rewiring, repairing, or installing an electrical circuit.

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  • General upgrades
  • Main panel upgrade

Requirements and attachments

When you apply online, you can upload documents with your application. Make sure to upload all of the required documents. If your application is not complete, this will extend the time it takes to issue your permit.

Main panel upgrade

  • Must meet Design Review Exemption #16: New, relocated or replacement electrical panels that are no greater than 400 amps, electric meters or alarm boxes, provided that they are not located within the street setback, on the front wall, street-facing side wall, or area of a side wall containing the front door; and such meters, boxes, panels, exposed lines, and exposed conduit are painted to match the structure color.
  • If it doesn’t meet exemption 16, it requires design review.
  • Load Calculation for future electrification (Excel)
  • Site plan or google satellite view with location of existing and proposed panels
  • Photo of Existing Main Panel
  • Contractor or Owner-Builder Declarations (required for all projects)

Learn about required documents for all permits.

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