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Schoolmates & Minimates Enrollment Details

Please review the following enrollment notes relevant to your desired program(s). Many of the answers to your questions are outlined in PRD's Schoolmates Parent Handbook.

SAVE THE DATE: Online Enrollment for the 2024/2025 school year is scheduled for the following dates/times via Community Pass*. Enrollment is on a first come, first served basis. 

  • Camp Kaleidoscope (in August): Wednesday, July 10, at 6:00 pm
  • Minimates: Wednesday, July 10, at 6:00 pm
  • Schoolmates: Wednesday, July 31, at 6:00 pm

*Schoolmates Programs are not viewable to the public until its scheduled online enrollment time.  Please review links below to view instructions (including screenshots) and best practices prior to enrollment.

General Enrollment Notes & HOW TOs

COP & PUSD Employees: If you are employed with the City of Piedmont or Piedmont Unified School District, and your child is participating in a PRD program, please contact PRD during office hours (Monday–Friday, 9:00 am–5:00 pm) to review your account settings prior to enrollment.

Tuition is calculated per month, and follows the PUSD Academic Calendar. See School Year Service Dates Page for further details.

Schoolmates Participant Intake Form

To ensure continued enrollment, it is mandatory to submit a Schoolmates Participant Intake Form alongside program enrollment and before your child's first date of attendance. The Intake Form will be available online via Community Pass on August 1st. 

Please follow these simple instructions to register and complete the online form. Failure to comply may result in enrollment discontinuation.

Returning families will also need to complete this step, however, previous field entries have been saved for your convenience. Please review pre-populated answers so that Schoolmates staff have the most up-to-date information.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Camp Kaleidoscope*

August 12–30, 2024**: Week-long camps offered between the hours of 2:00–6:00 pm, with flexible pick up times (at 3:00 pm, 4:00 pm, 5:00pm, 6:00 pm) to support families looking for after-school child care in August, before PUSD's School Bell Schedule Change.  

Stay tuned for program details closer to enrollment. Future sessions of Camp Kaleidoscope will be available during PUSD's Conference Week, Early Release Dates and Holiday Breaks.

*Minimates Families DO NOT need to enroll into Camp Kaleidoscope from 2:00–3:00 pm, but those looking for additional extended care hours beyond 3:00 pm, will need to do so.

**Includes early dismissal for PUSD's Back to School Night (date TBD)

Schoolmates (Grades TK–5)

Two enrollment options are available: Choose between Block Booking (predetermined full-time timeblocks), or Flexi-Care (pick and choose hourly increments). Tuition is processed monthly and opportunities to rollover enrollment to the following month is available (see Schoolmates Parent Handbook for complete details).

Block Booking: "Set It and Forget It!"

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday from 3:00–6:00 pm; Wednesdays 1:45–6:00 pm 

Predetermined Timeblocks: Block Booking requires attendance for the entire program duration. Enrollment is set by DAY (e.g. Mondays, Thursdays). Requests for partial time adjustments will not be considered (refer to Flexi-Care model for hourly increments). 

Who is it For: Families who need full-time, consistent after school care, pick up at or close to program closure (6:00 pm), with minimal to no scheduling adjustments during the school year. 

Who is it NOT For: Families who want flexibility, are looking for partial time, early pick ups, or often make scheduling changes throughout the school year. 

Block Booking does not include the 2:00-3:00 pm hour (see Flexi-Care).

Program rates based on $11.20/hour  |  Drop In Enrollment is not available

Flexi-Care: "We Like to Mix It Up!"

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday between 2:00–6:00 pm; Wednesdays 1:45–6:00 pm

Hourly Increments: Starting at 2:00 pm* (Grade K); 3:00 pm (Grades TK–5); Wednesdays at 1:45 pm (All Grades). Enrollment is set by DAY (e.g. Mondays, Thursdays).

Who is it For: Families who do not need full coverage, and are looking for flexible, hourly enrollment options for early pick up, and/or attending other afterschool programs and activities (PRD & ASE classes, sports, etc.). Timeblocks are broken down into hourly increments  (e.g. 1:45–3:00 pm (Wed), 3:00–4:00 pm, 5:00–6:00 pm).

*Kindergarten Note: If  your child has a 2:00 pm dismissal time, and is in need of after-school childcare, families must register for the 2:00–3:00 pm Flexi-Care hour in addition to Block Booking or Flexi-Care timeblocks to bridge your extended care hours between school dismissal and Schoolmates opening times.

Program rates based on $13.40/hour  |  Drop In Enrollment is not available

Minimates (Grade TK)

SUNRISE: MORNING MINIMATES (PM TK Students): 8:30 am–11:45 am; Wednesdays 8:3010:20 am

(AM TK Students): 11:45 am–3:00 pm; Wednesdays 11:45 am1:45 pm

The Minimates SUNSET PM program ends promptly at 3:00 pm (Starting September 2024, Wednesday dismissal is at 1:45 pm). If you are in need of extended care beyond this time, please refer to the Schoolmates section.

Who is it For:
Exclusively for children enrolled in PUSD's TK program, extended care options are offered before/after school. Enrollment is set PER DAY (e.g. Mondays, Thursdays).  

Program rates based on $11.20/hour  |  Drop In Enrollment is not available

Program Waitlists

Block Booking: If your desired day is full, you may add your child to a waitlist during open enrollment periods. Families will be contacted via email as openings occur throughout the school year, typically after the 15th of each month. Families will have 48 hours to reply to email invitations, and must commit to the full range of Block Booking time (requests for partial time are not considered).

Flexi-Care: Waitlists are not available for this module. Open enrollment, pending availability, will be made available to families via Community Pass on the 20th of each month at 6:00 pm (first come, first served).

Minimates: Space is available for all interested families during open enrollment. When school commences, families are auto-waitlisted, and will be contacted via email as openings occur throughout the school year, typically after the 15th of each month. Families will have 48 hours to accept email invitations. 

Please refer to the Schoolmates Parent Handbook for details.

Program Withdrawal Requests

If you wish to withdraw from any of our Schoolmates programs, please contact PRD at [email protected]. Monthly withdrawal opportunities are available with a deadline on the 15th preceding the next month's service dates (e.g. November withdrawal deadline is October 15th).

In the scope of Schoolmates enrollment, withdrawals are defined as a withdrawal of all hours within each enrolled timeblock, from both the Block Booking and Flexi-Care modules. Families are responsible for enrolling for new hours once a withdrawal has been processed.

Transfer requests between enrollment modules or timeblocks will not be processed, unless initiated at the request of PRD Staff. Once withdrawn, PRD cannot guarantee availability of space should you wish to return to Schoolmates.

Please refer to the Schoolmates Parent Handbook for details.

Mid-Year Enrollment

Those interested enrolling (or re-enrolling) mid-year must register via CommunityPass.

Starting September 2024 (subject to availability), monthly enrollment opportunities will be accessible. The online enrollment window, via Community Pass, opens between the 20th (at 6:00 pm) and the 25th of each month during the school year. See School Year Service Dates Page for mid-year start dates.

Please refer to the Schoolmates Parent Handbook for details.

For more information regarding enrollment, waitlists or withdrawals, please contact Jessica Pomey