Property and Evidence Requests

Property and EvidenceThe Piedmont Police Department stores items as evidence, found property, safe keeping, and for destruction. The Property Officer is accountable for each item.

Found property is held for a minimum of 90 days and its description may be placed in a newspaper of general circulation to help locate the owner. Other attempts are made to determine the rightful owner of all found property, and to return it to its rightful owner whenever possible.

Evidence is held until a case is adjudicated, time requirements are met, or a court issues a Court Order authorizing the return of the property. If the property is unclaimed it may be destroyed, utilized by the police department or sent to auction.

Questions regarding the return of evidence or found property should be directed to the Property Clerk at (510) 420-3016.

Property is released by appointment only.

Office hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9am-11am or by appointment.