Short term rentals

A short term rental is when you rent a residential property, or a portion of it, for less than 30 consecutive days. If you have a short term rental, you need to have a permit. You also need to pay rental tax.


If you have a short-term rental, it needs to be located in your primary residence. It cannot be located in an accessory dwelling unit (permitted or unintended) or multi-family dwelling. The short-term rental may be hosted or non-hosted.

Short-term rentals are governed by the regulations provided in section 17.40.030 in the Piedmont City Code.

Permit length

A short term rental permit is valid until December 31 of the year it is issued, unless suspended or revoked.

You need to renew the permit every year before it expires.

How to apply

The City of Piedmont has a new online permitting system called eTRAKiT. You can now apply for and track your short term rental planning permit online. Paper and email applications for planning permits are no longer accepted.

Application documents

When you apply online, you will need to upload documents based on the application type. Review these resources to learn about the documents you’ll need to prepare:

Apply for a short term rental planning permit

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