Have an ADU? We need to confirm your property information
Posted on 04/28/2023

Have an ADU? Look for a letter asking you to confirm property information

Information needed to ensure timely and efficient emergency response

Published April 28, 2023

If you have an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), a Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit (JADU), or a Second Unit, the City of Piedmont needs your help confirming property and address information, in order to support timely emergency response from the Police and Fire Departments.

The Piedmont Planning & Building Department is mailing letters to everyone that City records indicate has possibly received an ADU, JADU, or Second Unit permit, asking them to complete a short survey regarding their property.

The survey asks property owners to:

  • Confirm that the ADU exists
  • Confirm the street address for the ADU
  • Confirm that the address is clearly visible from the street in front of the property

Completing this survey will help ensure that the Police and Fire Departments can respond to emergency calls quickly. The survey is available at piedmont.ca.gov/ADUAddressSurvey.

Survey also asks about rental status

Additionally, the survey asks property owners to report whether the ADU is occupied as a separate dwelling unit. For units that are not rented out, the Planning & Building Department would like to know what assistance the City could provide that would make renting the ADU in the future more desirable to you.

For those who received permits but chose not to build, Planning & Building staff would like to know the reasons for that decision. This information will help City staff better understand the barriers to building ADUs in Piedmont.

ADU survey supports Housing Element implementation

Gathering information about the rental status of ADUs and the reasons why property owners choose not to build ADUs is part of the implementation of the City’s recently adopted 6th Cycle Housing Element.

The Housing Element outlines a number of programs to encourage ADU production and provides incentives for property owners to lease ADUs as affordable rentals. These programs continue and expand on previous work to support the creation of ADUs, including a comprehensive update to the Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance in 2020 and another update last year, which created a ministerial process to construct new ADUs and legalize existing, previously unpermitted ADUs.

For questions about the survey, contact Assistant Planner Joshua Muller at [email protected]. For more information about or to read the recently adopted Housing Element, visit PiedmontIsHome.org.