Sidekicks Programs

Our approach is centered around creating a whole child experience for neurodiverse kids. We define a whole child experience as creating connections with peers, feeling welcome, thriving in recreational interests outside of school, and having something to look forward to on the weekends and after school, just like their classmates and siblings.

To ensure a positive experience, PRD commits to creating safe, fun, and supportive programming. We understand that sending a child into a new space comes with its challenges. Sidekicks staff are committed to inclusivity that believes that every child can strive in the appropriate environment — whether families have questions about program curriculum, age accommodations, or registration for a specific program, staff will work with families to determine the best fit for their child and welcome them to the PRD family!

The Piedmont Recreation Department's Sidekicks program currently accommodates children ages 3 1/2–5 years. If a child's chronological age excludes them from any Sidekicks programming, please contact Sidekicks. We may be able to offer an age exemption for the program. Age exemptions are only available for adaptive programming and may not be applicable for Summer Sidekicks 1-on-1 Matching.

Intake Forms

After a family registers for their first class/workshop/camp, our team sends new families a New Participant Intake Form. This form should take approximately 10 minutes to complete and includes questions about the child's diagnosis, developmental information, triggers, coping strategies used in the home, etc. Returning families will be asked to fill out an Updated Intake Form if they have not completed a form in the last 9-12 months.

Comprehensive and accurate information from families is vital to the program's success. This information allows PRD staff to make any additional and reasonable modifications to ensure a positive experience for all participants, instructors, and Teen Sidekicks. Forms will be shared with PRD staff as well as the instructor. If a child is participating in the Summer Sidekicks 1-on-1 Matching Program, intake forms will also be shared with the assigned Teen Sidekick. At this time we are unable to accommodate campers with toileting issues, medical issues requiring protocols, or those who elope.

Parent Agreement

The success of each child depends on a collaborative and honest approach. Every family is required to fill out a Parent Agreement before participating in a Sidekicks program. The agreement communicates Sidekicks policy and procedures and allows families to better understand the Sidekicks approach to keeping children safe and happy.

PRD staff relies heavily on parent/caregiver communication throughout the process to ensure children's safety. If a child elopes or exhibits aggressive behavior, a revised plan for the child's attendance will be determined by the Sidekicks team, consisting of PRD Sidekicks staff, the instructor, as well as the parents/caregivers. The team will be notified of any behavioral issues and will meet immediately afterward to discuss the incident. The revised plan can include, but is not limited to possible modifications, requiring a parent or aide to accompany the child, adjusted schedule, etcetera.

If the revised plan is unsuccessful, the child will no longer be able to finish the program and a prorated credit will be offered. Every effort will be made to ensure the success of each child. We strive to keep kids in our program and want your child to be successful.

sidekicks school year
sidekicks school year