Frequently Asked Questions

PARKING: 30 spaces are available in the Piedmont Community Hall parking lot. Additional street parking is available.

WHEN DOES MY PERMIT BEGIN: Your permit begins at the time listed on your reservation confirmation. When the contracted rental time ends, everyone from the lessee's group must be out of the hall. Additional time may be requested through the rental office, at an additional fee. Our facility attendant(s) is on duty to set up the facility's tables and chairs only; additional rental items must be set up by your staff. Our facility attendant(s) will clean, stock the restrooms, and set outline trash containers for your event. Recycle bins will be provided, your catering staff is responsible for event clean up and breaking down garbage/boxes. 

CANCELLATION POLICY: If the reservation is cancelled in writing 6–10 months prior to the start date of the event, half of the security deposit will be refunded. Cancellations received less than six months in advance do not qualify for a refund. Cancellations received ten months or more of the event will be refunded $50 less. If the reserved date is changed more than one time, no refund will be made if the reservation is cancelled, no matter how much in advance the cancellation is received.

INSURANCE: Lessees of the facilities are required to purchase liability coverage unless they have such coverage. The coverage will provide $1,000,000 worth of general/liquor liability insurance per day/event.

RENTALS: Rentals must be dropped off on the day of your event and picked up following your event in the evening. 

ALCOHOL: Must be served from a controlled bar. Only beer, wine, and champagne are allowed. Two signature cocktails are allowed, upon approval. Alcohol service stops promptly 90 minutes before the permit end time.

REHEARSALS: Must be scheduled with the Piedmont rental office and can be scheduled up to 90 days prior to your event. There is a $25/hour charge if access to the hall is needed for your rehearsal. 

VENDORS: You may select any vendor(s) of your choice. We do ask that you keep us informed as to who you have selected, so that we may work with them on your event.

Are dogs allowed? Yes! Dogs on leash are allowed at the venue, however not inside the facilities.

Are food trucks allowed? Yes, we allow up to two food trucks.

Is there a dumpster enclosure? We don't have a dumpster at the venue, but we do have separate trash compost and recycling bins on the side of the building. We have several of each, they are the same type of waste management bins that you will see in front of home one trash pickup days. We require that the trash is sorted properly and put into the correct bins.

Do you provide heaters? We do not provide heaters. Those would need to be rented and brought in. Most rental companies that handle linen and tableware rentals also provide heater rentals.

What type of outdoor lighting do you provide? The patio is well lit at night and additional lighting is not needed. Some couples will choose to add additional string lighting to the patio area, which is allowed, but must be secured to a freestanding setup, meaning stands need to be brought in to string the lights from. We do not allow anything strung from the lampposts or trees in the patio.

Do you provide tents? We do not provide tents, that would have to be provided by a vendor. Additionally, the Piedmont Fire Department does require a tent permit, however, there is no fee for the permit.

Do you have any coordinating staff? We do not provide any provide any Day-Of Coordinators. We do provide on-site event staff (typically 2 for weddings) that will take care of setting up the facilities tables and chairs, and they are available during the event if you or your vendors have any questions, or need extra tables, chairs, etc. Attendants will also check on the restrooms throughout the event to make sure they are well stocked with supplies.

Do you have a room where a bride or groom can get ready? Unfortunately, there are no additional rooms to use as a dressing room in the hall, the only rooms off the Hall are the kitchen and restrooms. In regards to wedding, some brides will get ready off-site, but if they are getting ready on-site, they opt to rent the Japanese Tea House and utilize that space to get ready.

Do you have an AV system, Wi-Fi and/or a screen/projector available? You can connect to our sound system, if your device has a 3.5mm headphone jack. Otherwise, you'll need an adapter to connect to the 3.5mm cable. Once connected to our system, music can be played from the speaker located on the front of the building. The sound system in the Community Hall has speakers that are mounted on the wall near the stage. We have a couple of wireless microphones that work with our system, and works well for speeches or toasts. Please Note: The speakers are small in size, it is not the best for the main source of music, but will work well for background music.

There is Wi-Fi at the venue, but it can be slow at times. We also have a fixed projector screen, installed above the Community Hall stage if you wish to show a video/slideshow, however, we do not have a projector to lend out.

Piedmont Community Hall Supplies: 200 white chairs, (20) 5' round tables, (16) 8' x 2.5' banquet tables, (2) 6' x 2.5' banquet tables, (5) 30" round cocktail tables, (6) 34" square card tables, (1) 36" round table, (1) half round sweetheart table

Veterans' Memorial Building Supplies: 200 chairs, (10) 5' round tables, (25) 8' banquet tables, (4) 6' banquet
tables, (15) 34" square card tables

801 Magnolia Building Supplies: Tables and Chairs, Wi-Fi, Speakers, Wireless Microphone, Projector and Screen