How to get trustworthy information during an emergency

During a disaster, information can change quickly. Learn how to find official information you can trust during an emergency.

Piedmont and Alameda County public safety officials will use these channels to communicate in an emergency. Bookmark these websites, sign up for updates, and follow these accounts.

Official emergency information

AC Alert

Piedmont and Alameda County safety officials will use AC Alert to send important information and instructions in a disaster.

Signing up for AC Alert is the most important action you can take to prepare for an emergency.

Sign up for alerts

Genasys Protect (formerly Zonehaven)

Depending on the size and scale of a disaster, we may use Genasys Protect (formerly Zonehaven) to share evacuation and traffic information. We will use it to post location and zone specific information.

Genasys Protect is not an alert system – you need to check the website for status updates.

City of Piedmont website

During emergencies, we will keep the City of Piedmont’s website homepage up-to-date with important local information.

X (formerly Twitter)

Follow these accounts for updates during emergencies:


During emergencies we will post updates on the City of Piedmont’s Facebook page.

Watch out for misinformation

In a disaster, misinformation can spread quickly, especially on social media and online forums. Well-intentioned people can inadvertently share rumors that do more harm than good.

Before you share or act on information, check the official sources listed on this page to verify it.

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