Drop, cover, and hold on at 10:20am on Thursday, October 20

Drop, cover, and hold on at 10:20am on Thursday, October 20

Annual ShakeOut event is a reminder to be ready for an earthquake

Published October 17, 2022

Pause what you’re doing at 10:20am on October 20 and take a few minutes to practice what to do during an earthquake.

Anytime you feel shaking or get an earthquake alert, take these three steps immediately if you are able:

  1. DROP to your hands and knees: This position protects you from being knocked down by shaking and reduces your chance of being hit by falling or flying objects.

  2. Take COVER under a sturdy desk or table: Stay on your knees and bend over to protect vital organs while covering your head and neck with one arm. If there’s nothing available nearby to shelter under, crawl next to an interior wall.

  3. HOLD ON until shaking stops: If you’re sheltering under furniture, hold onto it with one hand and be ready to move with your shelter if it shifts. Otherwise, hold onto your head and neck with both arms and hands.

For those in a wheelchair or using a walker:

  1. LOCK the wheels of your device
  2. COVER your head with your hands and arms
  3. HOLD ON until the shaking stops

Living near the Hayward fault, earthquakes are an inevitable part of our future. Learning and practicing “drop, cover, and hold on” can significantly reduce your chances of being injured during the immediate shaking of an earthquake.

The City of Piedmont encourages everyone to join in this exercise. After practicing, “drop, cover, and hold on,” you can take more steps to prepare:

Register at the ShakeOut website to get tips on planning for your own drill and talking with others about earthquake preparedness.