Preschool Registration Details

2022/2023 School Year

premainTo participate in PRD's preschool registration lottery, Piedmont residents will be able to add their child(ren) to the preschool waitlist via Community Pass.

Piedmont Residency

As Piedmont shares four zip-codes with the City of Oakland, residency is determined by the participant's family home address. Proof of residency may be required. Use of grandparents or other Piedmont residences is not permitted.

PRD Preschool Enrollment Lottery*

PRD has designed a lottery enrollment system that consists of two registration date ranges, one for Piedmont residents and a second for non-residents. The first allows exclusive access for Piedmont residents to add their child(ren) to the lottery waitlist, and a resident lottery will take place on a predetermined date in February (see deadlines above). Following the first lottery, online registration will open to all families to add their child(ren) to the lottery waitlist.  A second deadline and lottery will take place for non-residents, one week later.

As children are selected from the lottery, program rosters will be created. Once a program is full, remaining children in the lottery will continue to be randomly selected and the school year waitlist will be formed.

Please Note: Should a resident add their child to a preschool waitlist between the two lottery deadlines, they will be contacted and enrolled, pending space availability.  

Following the lottery, families can continue to add to the waitlist. As no additional lotteries will take place, waitlist submissions will be contacted in timestamp order.

*Occurs during PRD's annual enrollment period in January/February

Preschool Registration Details

Registration is processed through PRD's recreation software site, Community Pass. For instructions to 1) create a family account, 2) add family members and 3) store payment information, please click HERE.

All three items ARE REQUIRED to complete your preschool enrollment.

Preschool Registration is EASY!
  • Log onto Community Pass
  • Click Orange "Click Here to Register/Reserve" button
  • Select "Preschool 2022/2023"
  • Select your child  
  • Choose the programs to enter your child into the preschool lottery (up to 3 programs, if age applicable)
  • Follow prompts to complete registration
For instructions including screenshots, please click HERE.

Registration Notes/Requirements:
  • All applicants are placed on a "waitlist" and entered into the program lottery. Families will NOT be charged at this time.
  • In addition to program registration, families are required to store payment information to their Community Pass account prior to lottery deadline. Failure to do so may delay or prevent enrollment into a preschool program (see account instructions above for details).
  • Following the lottery deadline(s), families will be notified, via email,  of your registration status.
  • If your child is selected from the lottery, your child will be enrolled and charged for ONE preschool program. The first month's tuition is due and processed using the stored payment information on file (see FAQs for tuition details).
  • Withdrawals: The first month's tuition is refundable (less a $50 processing fee) up to 14 days from the registration transaction date. Withdrawal requests must be made in writing. After 14 days, all payments are non-refundable.
  • If your child remains on a waitlist, notifications will be sent, via email, and your family will not be charged.
  • Toilet-Training Requirement: Children enrolled in Hillside Playschool, Skipping Stones, or Pre-K must be toilet-trained prior to the 1st day of attendance. Children enrolled in the Tiddlywinks program is not required to be toilet trained.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us via email at [email protected] or Recreation Supervisor, Katrina Morris, at  [email protected]