Skipping Stones

Director: Fallon Spencer

Max Enrollment: 16 Children

ss tilesSkipping Stones is a play-based program offering curriculum that emerges from children's interests, and individual, developmental needs.

In the classroom children will explore art, science, dramatic play, music, puzzles, and reading. Children reflects the early math and literacy skills to play, guided short and long-term projects, and small group play.

We enjoy cooking in class and may take excursions to Piedmont Park  to promote a healthy and fun relationship with nature.

*Participants MUST be toilet-trained prior to program start.

Skipping Stones 2024/2025 Preschool Brochure

Skipping Stones Monthly Tuition*:
R $1109| NR $1139

Skipping Stones Schedule: August 19, 2024–May 22, 2025
Monday–Thursday from 9:00 am–1:00 pm

* As program enrollment takes place before the City's annual budget process begins, please be aware that tuition rates for preschool may increase in the next fiscal year.

Wildwood Elementary Schoolmates Building, 301 Wildwood Avenue