Hillside Playschool

Director: Kara Grover

Max Enrollment: 14 Children

HP2022We love teaching children at Hillside Playschool and treasure their curiosity, imagination, hugs, and laughter.

Hillside Playschool is a play-based, outdoor program that emphasizes learning through active engagement with the environment, both indoors and outdoors. With an emergent curriculum, children follow their interests and learn at their own pace with short and long term activities. Most of all, at hillside Playschool we have lots and lots of fun!

Our classroom has areas to work on process art, make music, create with loose parts, build with blocks, work with playdough, explore the sensory table, read books, and "cook" and dress up in the dramatic play area. We love to work on floor puzzles and learn simple board games. We love to dance and learn simple yoga and breathing exercises. We also love to use our five senses working on weekly cooking projects.

All these various areas give children the opportunity to flex their early math/problem-solving, literacy, and critical thinking skills to play! We try to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Children at Hillside preschool should be prepared to be outside and all kinds of weather: sunny, cold, and rainy. We play in Piedmont Park looking for bugs and birds, learn about the different trees, explore the creek, and run, jump, and climb at the playground area. Being outside in the fresh air promotes healthy bodies and minds!

We strive to support self-confidence and independence while encouraging empathy and positive social skills. We emphasize kindness in respect of each other and the world around us.

Hillside Playschool 2023/2024 Preschool Brochure

Hillside Playschool Monthly Tuition*: 
R $1071| NR $1101

Hillside Playschool Schedule: August 21 2023–May 23 2024
Monday–Thursday from 9:00 am–1:00 pm

* As program enrollment takes place before the City's annual budget process begins, please be aware that tuition rates for preschool may increase in the next fiscal year.

801 Magnolia East Wing Classroom, 801 Magnolia Avenue