Community Feedback

At the Piedmont Police Department, we believe that it is important to maintain the highest levels of service and integrity. Cooperation and understanding between members of the community and the police are necessary to help keep Piedmont safe. In the course of our operations, we understand the importance of the interactions between Police Department employees and community members or visitors. In that, we have established a process for the community to provide feedback on employee conduct that they find exemplary or unprofessional.

The Department's Personnel Feedback System gives the public an opportunity to commend an employee, recommend ways to improve on our policing efforts or recommend improvements regarding the conduct of an employee. Your constructive comments regarding our quality of work will help us maintain our high standards. Read more about the Department's Community Feedback (PDF)

How and where to commend or question an employee's performance

Feedback on an officer’s performance can be done in person, in writing, by email, or by telephoning the Department. Complaints made in writing are encouraged to be completed on a Community Feedback Report form (PDF).

Although it is not required, the Department encourages the complaining party to appear in person. A complaint can be made anonymously or by a third party, and the matter will be investigated to the extent that sufficient information is provided.

Mail your comments to:
Piedmont Police Department
Chief's Office
403 Highland Avenue
Piedmont, CA 94611

What is a commendation?

A commendation recognizes an employee who has performed his/her duties in a manner that you think is exceptional and reflects favorably upon the employee and the Department. We encourage you to take a moment and tell us about it. Your commendations for any Piedmont Police Department employee will result in the employee being advised of your appreciation. The commendations will be permanently recorded in the employee’s personnel file.

What is an inquiry?

An inquiry may pertain to any contact with the public in reference to an issue of concern which does not require a formal investigation. The inquiry process seeks to resolve the issue at an informal level, to the satisfaction of the individual making the inquiry, through discussion, explanation or clarification. Inquiries are generally handled by an on-duty supervisor. An inquiry that is not resolved may become a formal complaint.

What is a complaint?

A formal complaint is a matter in which the complaining party requests further investigation, or which a supervisor or command officer determines further action is warranted due to the complaint consisting of misconduct or improper job performance that is a violation of department policy, federal, state or local law.

All formal complaints regarding an employee’s conduct are investigated. This investigation may include verbal or written statements, photographs, video, etc. Once completed, the investigations are reviewed by the Chief of Police for disposition. 

At the conclusion of the investigation, you will be notified of the outcome of your complaint. California law prohibits the disclosure of any discipline that an employee receives.