Piedmont Safer Streets
Posted on 10/08/2020

On July 20, 2020, the City Council began the process of updating the City’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan (PBMP), which was adopted in 2014. The update project, called Piedmont Safer Streets (PSS), is intended to help implement Piedmont’s General Plan and Complete Streets Policy in order to address the community’s needs. PSS will also add a safety component to the PBMP. This will  interweave the goal of the complete streets policy, which is to develop an efficient and safe street network for Piedmont, with traffic safety considerations for all road users- pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

To assist with the PSS project, the City Council created the Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee (PBAC) to assist staff and consultants with the development of the PSS project by reviewing, discussing, and providing advice and recommendation on draft elements of the updated plan. The PBAC will hold its first meeting on Tuesday, October 13th at 5:30 p.m. 

PSS Project Timeline

Public outreach and participation will be essential to the success of the PSS project and the PBAC will be an essential part of a robust public engagement effort. Presently the project is scheduled to be finalized and documented by May 2021. Some of the next steps include:

  • Community needs assessment. Under this task, an extensive round of public outreach and engagement will be conducted to determine changes since 2014 in the community’s needs, concerns, priorities and expectations regarding walking, biking and general traffic safety.
  • Action plan. Based on the community needs assessment, this task will update the list of projects, programmatic activities and policy changes recommended under the 2014 PBMP. One of the subtasks will entail creating a toolkit of traffic-safety measures applicable to Piedmont’s streets.
  • Public outreach on the action plan. Under this task, a second extensive round of public outreach and engagement will be conducted, this time to solicit feedback from the public, the Planning Commission and the City Council on the draft action plan mentioned above.
  • Implementation strategy. This task will develop implementation strategies for the action plan. These strategies will include planning-level cost estimates for high-priority projects; a short-, medium- and long-term implementation timeline for the various recommendations; and a summary of potential funding sources.
  • Plan document. This task will consist of developing administrative, public and final versions of the PSS document, and steering the final version through the City’s formal approval and adoption process.

PSS Website

To learn more about the project please visit https://www.piedmontsaferstreets.org/.

There, you can sign up for project updates and announcements, and submit initial comments and questions. The project website will list all the opportunities for the public to provide input and feedback at key stages of the planning process. Stay tuned for a survey and an interactive pinnable map coming soon. For additional information about the project, contact Associate Planner Gopika Nair, at (510) 420-3054 or at saferstreets@piedmont.ca.gov