School Year Adaptive Programs

Adaptive classes are typically once a week, after school, and run for four to six weeks at a time. Adaptive classes take place in carefully chosen facilities to reduce eloping opportunities, have less distractions, and are more accessible to bathrooms. All instructors are carefully vetted to ensure that they are familiar with teaching an adaptive curriculum as well as the unique needs and modified pace needed working with neurodiverse children. Emphasis on their ability to support participants and build confidence while teaching new skills is integral in the selection process. PRD offers a wide range of class themes to encourage movement, creativity, socializing opportunities, and a whole lot of FUN!

Each adaptive class is supported by multiple Teen Sidekicks who are carefully screened by PRD staff and trained by a board certified behaviorist. Teen Sidekicks' roles in an adaptive class are modeled after a floating aide in a classroom.

One-Day Workshops

One-day workshops follow the Adaptive Class model. Families can try one workshop at a time or sign up for several. One-day workshops are typically on weekends. Some adaptive classes will offer a one-day workshop before the multi-week session begins — these are an easy, low-cost way for children to try out a class before attending every week. Workshops also offer the convenience of being on a weekend so parents don't have to commute to Piedmont after work, and they often do not compete with weekday therapy schedules.