Solar building permit

You need a solar building permit if you are installing solar panels on your property.

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  • Solar only
  • Solar, plus battery
  • Solar expedited
  • Battery only

Requirements and attachments

When you apply online, you can upload documents with your application. Make sure to upload all of the required documents. If your application is not complete, this will extend the time it takes to issue your permit.

Expedited solar

For consideration for expedited solar review the project must meet all the requirements as described in the Eligibility checklist for Expedited PV. The project must be under 10kW and not include a battery. Also, the submittal must include the Structural Criteria form.

Energy storage systems (ESS)

Projects that include an energy storage system must include a disconnect near the main electric panel.

If the battery is installed inside enclosed spaces or rooms of a building, a smoke alarm/heat detector is required per the current edition of the CFC.

Batteries located in enclosed utility closets, basements, storage or utility space shall be provided with not less than 5/8-inch type x gypsum wall-board on walls and ceilings per the current edition of the CFC.

Main panel upgrade

If the scope of work includes a main panel upgrade please see the requirements listed in the Electrical permit type, subtype Main Panel Upgrade.

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