Be Ready for Wildfire
Posted on 08/25/2020

Worried about wildfire? The City of Piedmont urges you to prepare yourself and your family for wildfire, including being ready for evacuation, if necessary.

Because wildfires are unpredictable, it’s up to you to prepare yourself and your family to evacuate. During a wildfire, the City of Piedmont won’t necessarily be able to provide you with evacuation routes when evacuation becomes necessary. Designate a rally point outside of Piedmont for your family and plan several routes to get there. Practice getting your family to your rally point. Have a go bag ready to go with essential supplies, important documents, and food in it for your entire family.

You won’t be able to rely upon your usual technology during a wildfire. While it’s always the City’s goal to provide timely information to our residents, there will only be ten to fifteen first responders on duty at the start of the event.

For more information on how to prepare for wildfire, evacuation, and other disasters, please visit:

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