vPRD Virtual Summer Camps

vprdsum21As the world is opening up to
in-person programming, many families are not quite ready to mingle, made plans this summer to visit loved ones and want to minimize in-person engagement, or cannot commit to multiple week programming in-person camps require. What's the solution? VIRTUAL Programming!

PRD has received dozens of AWESOME Summer Camp submissions, including offerings from new contractors as well as the return of past favorites! View a few summer highlights below!

Arts & Crafts

Dragonfly Beading Basics (Ages 8–13 | 5–7 OK if supervised by 16+ Yrs)
Ready to take the first step on your jewelry making journey? In this beginning beading class, get to know the tools of the trade, and all the techniques to start creating unique, dazzling beaded jewelry from scratch! Students will gain the knowledge and skill to create their own jewelry pieces.

This class is a prerequisite for all other Dragonfly jewelry making courses.

Strike a Pose Figure Drawing (Ages 8+)
Catching people can be challenging, but in this class will break it all down! Students will learn the fundamentals of telling a story through the gesture of a figure (body language) and how to simplify motion, add structure, and shading. Young artists will be amazed as their figures take shape and come alive! 

Dragonfly Designs Website

Comics Camp (Ages 7–13)
Students will create their own characters, storylines and have the beginning of a short comic book. We will cover character design, facial expression, body structure and movement, perspective, color, inking, and storytelling. Students will receive a printable workbook created specifically for this class.

All skill levels welcome and can be repeated, as all students are encouraged create a series of comics. 

Cara's Facebook Page

STEM & Technology

Play-Well LEGO Online (Ages 5–7)
Take your creativity to the next level as Play-Well classes go virtual! Build engineer-designed projects and learn new building techniques over Zoom with the guidance of an experienced play well in structure. Encounter practical real world STEM concepts while learning from and connecting virtually with other young engineers.  With the specialized kit of LEGO® materials, kids will have everything they need to take their LEGO® building at home to the next level! 

Kits included in program cost.

Play-well TEKnologies website

Aloha Mind Math (Ages 6–12)
Become a math rock star! This STEM program offers small online classes, led by a qualified instructor, to help develop your child skills and confidence in math. Your child will learn to use an Abacus and mental math techniques that brought in their understanding of math.

Abacus and workbook included with materials fee.

Aloha Mind Math Website

Virtual Robotics Workshop (Ages 9–13) 
Learn the fundamentals of computer science and robotics by programming virtual LEHO EV3 robots to complete missions in a colorful 3D world. This teacher lead Zoom class involves a learning to code the virtual robot's motors, sensors, and timers. The coding is done with Blockey, a code-block based system similar to SCRATCH.

Requires PC, Chromebook, or Mac only, plus use of Google Chrome browser.

TechKnowHow Website

Intro to Programming with SCRATCH (Ages 7–10)
"Hour of Code" begins here! Learn and experiment with animation, digital art, and technology using SCRATCH: A free software from MIT! Students learn fundamental concepts of programming such as logic and sequencing. Each lesson of our exclusive curriculum explorers a core category of the SCRATCH interface. Students can work online or offline using editor mode.

All instruction is provided via Zoom and a Chrome book, windows, or Mac laptop is required. No experience necessary.

Tiny Techs Club Facebook

Enrichment FUN

GURUS: Public Speaking TED Talks Style (Ages 9–14)
This is an exciting summer camp where the students will pick topics, do their research, and then present their ideas TED talk style! Topics cover a wide range of issues from global to local matters. Participants will discuss some of the TED talks and their speaker's presentation styles. Watching children their own age give real time TED talks can be very inspiring to students! On the last day of camp, students will throw a TEDx style event.

GURUS: Smart Money & Investing (Ages 8–14)
A useful and fun camp that truly benefits and is loved by children and parents alike! This class introduces students to money management using activities like comparative shopping, salary analysis, budgeting a trip, and wants and needs planning. Students learn how to track and analyze expenses and parents love to see their children become aware of these concepts. 

GURUS Website

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