Reasonable Accommodation

It is the city’s policy to provide individuals with disabilities reasonable accommodation in regulations and procedures to ensure equal access to housing, and to facilitate the development of housing. The purpose of City Code division 17.76 (PDF) is to provide a procedure under which a disabled person may request a reasonable accommodation in the application of zoning requirements. This division is based on requirements of the Federal and State fair housing laws, and implements the Housing Element of the City’s General Plan. It is distinct from the requirements for a variance set forth in City Code division 17.70, Variances.

Reasonable accommodation means providing disabled persons flexibility in the application of land use and zoning regulations and procedures, or even waiving certain requirements, when necessary to eliminate barriers to housing opportunities. It may include such things as yard area modifications for ramps, handrails or other such accessibility improvements; landscape additions, such as widened driveways, parking area or walkways; building additions for accessibility; tree removal; or reduced off-street parking where the disability clearly limits the number of people operating vehicles. Reasonable accommodation does not include an accommodation that would (1) impose an undue financial or administrative burden on the city or (2) require a fundamental alteration in the nature of the city’s land use and zoning program.  

Anyone wanting to request reasonable accommodation should complete and submit the Request for Reasonable Accommodation form (PDF). Planning Division staff are available to assist applicants with information on the procedure, the documents required, the criteria and conditions for approval, and the completion of the required form. No fee is required to submit the request.