Subdivisions and Lot Line Adjustments

Subdivisions and lot line adjustments are governed by the regulations in Chapter 19 of the Piedmont City Code (PDF). The regulations in this chapter apply to the subdivision of land within the city and to the preparation, approval and filing of subdivision maps. City Code section 19.4 lists several exceptions to the requirements of the chapter. The most common of these exceptions is a lot line adjustment between four or fewer existing adjoining parcels, where the land  taken from one parcel is added to an adjoining parcel and where a greater number of parcels than originally existed is not thereby created; provided, that the lot line adjustment is approved by the city under Piedmont City Code section 19.5. Links to the following forms are provided below.

Please contact Planning staff at (510) 420-3050 for assistance. Additional resources and documents are provided below for download. 

Lot Line Adjustment Application (PDF)
Major Subdivision Application (PDF)
Minor Subdivision Application(PDF)
Parcel Merger Application (PDF)
Development Agreement(PDF)
Application to Amend Approved Tentative Map(PDF)